zusa benefits business

Be Found

Get your zusa online profile and in-app listing to be found by search engines and registered zusa users in over 132 countries.

Expand Sales

Attract new customers by promoting your staff's diversity. Be found by customers looking for businesses with staff, services and products that meet their personal requirements.

Increased SEO

zusa's search engine optimised (SEO) profiles mean your business listing is seen and found by people looking for your business in Google search results.

Promote your staff's diversity or unity

  • List the languages your staff speak to attract new customers, reduce communication barriers to sales and increase your business reputation and customer satisfaction levels.

  • List the race, ethnicity or religions your staff and products identify with to promote your business' diversity or unity. Be found by likeminded and culturally aligned people, travellers, migrants and customers requiring culturally and religiously aligned products and services.

  • Promote the gender information of your staff including male to female ratio.

  • List the age brackets of your staff to be found by customers looking for age alignment or diversity. Promote your hiring of young, older and everything in between.

  • Promote that your business is accessible for disabled people or that you hire people with a disability.

  • Promote your business as an employer of LGBT people or as friendly to the LGBT community.

  • Promote the sporting team's your business supports and social and community groups you are affiliated with to attract new customers, promote social meet ups at your premises and increase your business reputation.

business benefits of listing on zusa

zusa is the ideal platform for migrants to find businesses that meet their requirements and personal preferences through filtering zusa listings instantly.

zusa allows travellers to find businesses that meet their personal preferences, extend their opportunities to explore and provides the chance to feel at home or in their comfort zone while abroad.

This includes information on business staff and crowd such as languages spoken, cultural and religious identities, whether the business supports or employs lgbt and disabled people, age ranges and gender balance and any sporting, social or community alliances.

zusa's primary feature is the ability for businesses to list the languages their staff speak, and the zusa platform that allows customers to find businesses by any language.

zusa allows business to list diversity information on their staff such as:

  • Languages spoken
  • Identity of staff including race, ethnicity or religion
  • Age and gender of staff
  • Disabled access or staff
  • LGBT friendly or staff
  • Alliances with sporting teams, community and social groups

zusa allows businesses to list their identity including race, ethnicity or religion to be found by customers looking for products or services that meet their cultural or religious requirements.

zusa allows its users to vote and promote on the diversity information of your business. Boost the establishment of your business through user votes.

zusa allows its users to favourite their most loved businesses to receive notifications on upcoming events, important or relevant updates and business promotions.

Don't let your competitors gain your business by simply not being listed! zusa has a passionate and unique user base outside of traditional business directories.